With its wide range of responsibilities, the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment is the central State of Berlin authority contributing in many areas to the future development of our city. It is organised into diverse sections covering city planning and building culture, housing and rents, mobility, environment, and climate protection and monument conservation.


Alliander is the operator of power and gas networks, public lighting, and light signal systems and has been active in Berlin for some time. Alliander has managed some 2000 traffic facilities in the city since 2006 in a public-private partnership.


Allego stands for electric mobility that is dependable as well as affordable. Thus Allego’s goal is that everyone is able to charge their electric automobile easily, at any time, and anywhere. A subsidiary of power network operator Alliander, Allego has experience throughout Europe in the construction and operation of charging infrastructure.


The New Motion makes unlimited mobility possible for everyone on the basis of renewable energies. Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, today the firm is the leading provider of charging and software solutions for drivers of private and lease vehicles as well as for charging points in Europe. The New Motion’s charging card for charging makes electric automobile travel possible everywhere and enables companies to offer electric charging, economically and problem-free.