About be emobil

Berlin is raising electromobility to the next level. Since the beginning of the project, a multitude of charging possibility was created. The city and “be emobil” are bringing standardized and easy-to-use charging points to the streets of Berlin.

Whether charging with alternating current at 7 kW, 11 kW, direct current at up to 43 kW or co-current flow up to 50 kW, all current standards will be served. This will ensure that in the future all electric vehicles will be able to charge.

Several partners are helping to guarantee be emobil’s success. Allego GmbH is installing and operating the charging points. The mobility service provider New Motion, Plugsurfing and are offering a charging card (RFID). The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport, and Climate Protection has established an “office for Charging Infrastructure” as an interface with the appropriate district government departments for coordination and management of development.